This unique 20-bore "Sporting Deluxe" model Over-and-Under shotgun has been fitted with 30-inch barrels. The selective barrels are choked 1/2 bottom barrel and 3/4 choke top barrel. This shotgun is extremely versatile making it equally ideal for either game shooting or clay pigeon shooting. The longer barrels on the smaller calibre also gives a great balance on this lighter weight shotgun when compared with a 12-bore. The stock is made from deluxe grade Turkish Walnut and features a half pistol grip and finished to a length (that can be altered) of 15 1/8 inches at centre. The engraving pattern is a classic Acanthus Leaf scroll engraving pattern based very closely on one of the designs from the 'Arts & Crafts' movement made famous by William Morris. Click here to find out more.